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22nd of August 2022 - 2nd of September 2022

Location: Robohouse, WUR, and FESTO

We have arranged a number of interesting activities during the Summerschool as listed below. The Summerschool is full-time so we expect you to be available during the day to participate in these activities. We have also arranged some non-obligatory social events in the evenings. An elaborate time-table can be found below.


During this summerschool you will follow interesting lectures on: Bio-inspired design, Design methodology, Soft biology, Fabrication of Soft Robots and their control and much more!


Multiple excursions are planed to such as tours to Wageningen University and Research and the company Festo. Furthermore we will visit to the Boerhaave museum to see the development of medical devices.


During the workshops you will gain some hands on experience in using origami, silicon casting and 3D printing for the development of soft robots.

Case study competition

You will directly apply your newly gained knowledge in a case study competition! In a small project group you will compete with the other participants by developing your own soft robot.

Keynote Speakers

A number of key note speakers will give a lecture during the summerschool.


During the day and in the evening there will be multiple social events to get to know each other.


The last two days of the Soft Robotics Summerschool (1st and 2nd of September 2022) will be filled with the Soft Robotics Symposium.

Summerschool: Schedule

Summerschool Program

The summerschool final program is now available to download!

Summerschool Schedule

Summerschool: Files
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