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Explore Delft

The Soft Robotic Winterschool will take place in Delft, the Netherlands. Below you will find a list of recommended accommodations for you to stay and some recommended spots to visit during your stay in Delft.

Hotel Bedroom Entrance


Looking for a place to stay during the Soft Robotics Winterschool? Below you will find a list with some recommended accommodations.

City center of Delft

The city center of Delft is worth to visit.

Delft is a popular destination for tourist to see the characteristic old city center. There are many museums such as the Delft Blue Pottery museum and the House of Orange-Nassau. The botanic garden is slightly outside the city center of Delft but it is definitely worth a visit.

Delft at Night

Surroundings of Delft

Also the surroundings of Delft are worth a visit.

Delft is located between Rotterdam and The Hague. Both can easily be reached by public transport. Also the beach near The Hague can be reached by public transport.


During the Soft Robotics Winterschool you will have to travel from and to your hotel. Here are some recommended means of transportation

  • By bike: The Dutch are known for having the bike as their main means of transport. During your stay you can rent a bike such that you can easily travel trough Delft. Since Delft is pretty small you can travel across in approximately 15 minutes. There are multiple placed in Delft were you can rent a bike, here is a recommendation.

  • By public transport: With the bus you can easily travel from the city center of Delft to the venues of the Winterschool. You will need a public transport card (OV-chipkaart). For more information about public transport in the Netherlands you can look here.

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