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Summerschool and Symposium on Soft Robotics in healthcare

22nd of August 2022 - 2nd of September  2022

The Soft Robotics Summerschool is just around the corner, and we are so excited for you to see what’s in store. We’ve brought together a unique and inspiring group of speakers, and our schedule is full of engaging events and meetups. Don’t miss out! The last two days of the Summerschool are all about the soft robotics symposium. You can register for the Summerschool & Symposium or only the Symposium.

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The 4TU proudly presents the Dutch Soft Robotics Summerschool. Soft robotics explores how robots can be built from soft materials to make them inherently safe and versatile. This field of research integrates knowledge from many different disciplines, including material science, engineering science, computer science, biology, zoology, health science, and business innovation. In this summerschool, we will bring together expertise from these disciplines and discuss how to use and combine the knowledge from these different fields in the design of soft robots. This 2-week summerschool is filled with lectures, workshops, case studies, tours of our research facilities, and social events to get you acquainted with the different aspects of soft robotics.

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This summerschool is open to PhD candidates in material science, engineering science, computer science, biology, zoology, health science, and business, and employees of start-ups working on soft robotics for healthcare.

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There are 30 spots open for registration. A selection will be made based on your motivation letter and scientific background. The expenses are €300, including all materials used during the workshops and case studies, lunch during the summerschool, organized tours, transportation between the universities, and organized social events. It does not include accommodation during the summerschool or the flight ticket.

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